About Us

Why make 3D printing more complicated than it already is?

This question was posed by our founders Alireza Husseini and Mahdi S. Mohammed - and is the reason why Smarty3D was founded in the first place.

One of the biggest challenges with current workflows and processing systems within Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is changing and scaling. Plus, the manual and time-consuming tasks, like pricing.  Our vision is to remove all unnecessary steps and clutter, by having everything the industry needs on one single platform, which is easy to deploy and scale with Plug & Play modules that can be installed within minutes.

Smarty3D automates the entire value chain and optimizes the whole process by 75%.

We provide 3D printing services for both end-customers as well as service providers.

For end customers

If you are an end-customer you will be connected to the Smarty3D customer portal. There, you create an account where your files will be safe and secure. Upload as many files as you want and receive automatic pricing within just 10 seconds. Come back to the portal at any time to check the status of - or edit - your order. 

3D printing service providers

If you are a 3D printing service provider, Smarty3D enables you to make your order 24/7 without the need of human interaction. You will receive automatic invoicing with one click - and to make it even easier, Smarty3D can integrate with the most popular accounting platforms. We enable service providers to automate both order and production management, making project and part management as well as panning and tracking easier than ever. In order to collect machine data, we enable you to connect printers and post-processing machines. By choosing us, we make sure that you can provide the exact delivery time and inform the end-customer. Simple and smart - all in one platform.

Our Team

Alireza Husseini

Founder & CEO

Madhi S. Mohammadi

Co-Founder & CTO

Benjamin Hafiz


Yoones Khoshghadam

Head of Frontend Dev

Maryam Mirzad

Additive Manufacturing Engineer (AME)


Peter Larsson


Martin Nilsson


Our Investors

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